Product Giveaways

The kind of promotions that grow your business


The right promotion can have big rewards for your business. As a great opportunity to engage customers and attract new ones, promotional giveaways can also help boost your brand awareness and improve customer relationships. But knowing what works – and what doesn’t – is fundamental in finding the kind of return your business is anticipating from its next promotional campaign.

How do you go about implementing the right promotional giveaway at your small business? Let’s take a look.

Types of product giveaway

There are several ways that you can set up product giveaways including contests, sweepstakes, and lotteries. The most common are contest and sweepstakes. Contests allow for customers to win by doing something particular (“Be the 100th customer today”), whereas sweepstakes give many customers a chance to win by entering (“Order any item today and be entered to win”).

Reaching your goals with a giveaway

Social media engagement: Giveaways are a great way to engage and grow your audience. Identify your social media goals and develop content and ad campaigns to meet those goals.

New customer leads contact information: Determine what you want to learn about potential new customers that enter your giveaway. Details such as name, email, or even address will allow you to reach out to prospective customers in the future.

In-store visitors: Consider how your giveaway can bring customers into the store. From being able to enter in-store to announcing the winner at your store on a given date, there are many ways product giveaways can draw people in.

Promoting your giveaway

Clear expectations: Always be sure to make it clear how customers are supposed to enter, what the length of the giveaway is, and exactly what is being given away. Mismanaging expectations can have unintended but severe consequences.

Cross-channel promotion: In-store, on your website, and throughout your social media platforms, customers should be able to see your promotion. Across channels the messaging should also be the same to reinforce what your customers are hearing. Educate your employees on the giveaway as well to be able to answer questions from customers.

Whatever the promotional giveaway, the better you can tailor it to fit your business and expectations, the better outcome you’ll receive. Be sure to clearly communicate your message to your employees and the actions that your customers need to take, and find the benefits that they bring to your business’ giveaway campaign.



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