5 fun content marketing ideas for your restaurant



Do you get excited when you uncover a new idea for your business? You might get that feeling in your gut that tells you this is something you must implement NOW. Unleashing inspiration can lead to those gems of content, shared all over, that can help you attract new customers—creating the kind of demand that restaurant owners and chefs everywhere crave.

You are likely already participating in the more popular marketing ideas such as having a Facebook page, posting photos of delicious food on Instagram and running loyalty programs. What if you take the social experience to a whole new level? With visual content getting shared 40 times more than other types of content, it’s time to put a spin on it.

Let’s look at 5 fun ways you can spin your visual content in a new way to earn attention for your restaurant.

  1. Invite bloggers for a special event
  2. Word of mouth referrals go a long way. Friends often ask each other for recommendations on great restaurants to try. Why not take advantage of the popular blogosphere? Host an invite-only event and invite some great bloggers in the area to come explore. Send invitations to a variety of bloggers and let them get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your restaurant and make their favorite food and atmosphere recommendations on their social channels. It will give your restaurant an extra boost and it’s a networking event for them. It’s a win-win.

  3. Pin recipes to Pinterest
  4. Do you have favorite recipes from your top go-to restaurants? While many people will agree that food always tastes better when someone else makes it, there are the occasional instances where it’s just not feasible to go out to eat. Their stomach may say one thing while the wallet says another. In those cases, publish some (but not all) of those favorite recipes to Pinterest so your customers can access them when they are unable to dine in.

  5. Restaurant Insta stories
  6. If you haven’t yet gotten into insta-stories, now is the time to dive in. It’s may be one of the best ways to engage with your favorite brands and celebrities so why not add your business to the mix. Your customers will truly start to feel like a VIP and like they are ‘in the know’. Insta stories are super simple and quick to create with no preparation necessary. Give customers insights into recipes in the making or what’s going on in the kitchen that night. They are a fun way to do live reporter stories, no camera experience necessary.

  7. Play with your food
  8. Posting photos of food has become so popular that the hashtag #foodporn has been used well over 122,815,172 times on Instagram alone. You can certainly stick with posting yummy looking photos of restaurant recipes or you can think about taking photos to another level. Why not get creative and turn it into a contest? Inspire competition among the chefs to craft new designs with a particular plate for the week. You can even invite your customers to join in on the fun when they dine with you. Incorporate prizes or gift cards for customers who post photos of their own food creations with your restaurant hashtag.

  9. Menu recommendations
  10. Your wait staff probably gets asked on a fairly regular basis, “What do you recommend?” Those recommendations are wonderful when your customers are at the table deciding what to order. But how can you market that kind of information before they are seated? Write and publish some articles that recommend dishes based on other food likes. But don’t just stop there. Turn those recommendations into other mediums that potential customers can find. Post those on your social channels and perhaps even include some photos comparing the two: If you like this, you will love this dish. Have fun with it and entice them to come in and try that delectable dish you recommend.

Enjoy the process of discovering what works. If you are enjoying it, your customers will too. For more social media tips, check out this article.



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