Servicing systems upgrade


We are upgrading our servicing systems to provide a uniform user experience for our merchants. The upgrades will give you more robust reporting capabilities through access to Vantiv iQ our proprietary reporting tool.

This online solution will empower you to:

  • Manage and grow your business one transaction at a time
  • Have fast access to reports that provide you with greater visibility into your business
  • Get snapshots of payment activity, adaptable transaction reports and high-level metrics with a simple, user-friendly interface
  • Conveniently and securely view all your customers’ transaction data filtered by card types, chargebacks and more
  • Access Express Virtual Terminal, right from the home page

One monthly statement*
You will now be receiving only one monthly statement instead of two if you have value added services products. Your new statement will be accessible in Vantiv iQ starting with your February statement (which will be issued in early March). Please note that once your statements transition to iQ in early March, any previous months’ statements will still need to be accessed on the Core reporting platform. 

Watch your email and bookmark this page for regular updates about these upgrades.

*Please note that as part of this change, any applicable minimum billing fee will be calculated based on the amount of your discount and per item processing fees, exclusive of any miscellaneous billing. Return transactions will be charged at your normal Vantiv processing fee rates.

What’s Next:
As communicated, you have already been part of a Penny test. This is where we send a $0.01 credit to your bank, then at a later date debit the $0.01. We performed this test to ensure there is no interruption to funding once the company IDs are officially updated. If you are unable to accept the test transactions, you will need to have the new company ID’s 4300604847, 5300604847, 6300604847, 7300604847 approved for transactions on your bank account. Click here to download the ACH Activity Authorization form.

As we move closer to the upgrade, additional information will be provided on the next steps. This is planned for early 2018.

If you have immediate questions about the upcoming changes, please send your questions to our Customer Care team at


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