7 insanely easy tips to plan your next event



Planning for an event at your business typically brings on a rush of emotions. Now whether those emotions encompass panic/dread or excitement/glee depends entirely on your personality. Not to worry. If event planning isn’t quite in your wheelhouse, there are easy pieces you can lead and portions of the planning you can designate someone to handle for you. It’s very likely you have at least one person working with you who LOVES to plan a fun event. Let them use their natural talents and go to town. Event planning SHOULD be fun, so if it’s not necessarily your cup of tea, give that gift to the employee who will delight in the planning.

Events never go out of style as a way to market your business. It’s a fun activity to attract new customers and endear existing customers to your business. Existing customers WANT to celebrate with you. They typically have a vested interest in making sure your doors stay open if they are repeat customers. So break out the streamers and celebrate milestones. You and your employees should also rejoice in that sense of accomplishment. Before you begin, keep a few tips in mind to help the planning process go more smoothly.

1. Give yourself time

Events take time to pull together seamlessly. You will need to include planning time as well as plenty of time to promote your event. There might be no worse feeling than the dread that no one will show up at your birthday party. Events feel the same way so avoid the timing mistake at all costs.

2. Create a theme

Themes are going to give you a jumping off point for all the other activities you should include. They will also help guide some creative social media posts. Everyone loves a good theme party so don’t be shy about taking it all the way.

3. Sponsor a charity

Sponsoring a charity is a great way to bring an extra dimension into the event. It shows it’s not only about celebrating you but also the spirit of your business. The sponsored charity should also be doing social media promotion to bring in foot traffic. Double wins are something to strive for.

4. Social media

This may seem like a given but it is imperative that it’s not underestimated. With the average person spending almost 2 hours on social media every day, that’s a lot of opportunity to get their attention. You will want hashtags (if you are promoting on Twitter and Instagram) as well fun photos sharing the planning process. Take them with you on the planning journey. You want them to feel as if they were there with you which, of course, means they HAVE to see the final result.

5. Recruit promoters

Your employees sharing those posts are one of your biggest assets. Social media promotion is a team activity. Every single person should be hitting the social media airwaves encouraging attendance. You need as many people as possible to see the excitement and want to come out for the big day.

6. Create anticipation with secret reveals

There’s nothing wrong with creating a little mystery by keeping social media viewers on the edge of their seats wondering what you will reveal next. Hollywood has made a fortune off movies that leave the audience with a cliffhanger. Just be sure to have a mix of reveals and cliffhangers. It will make the social media campaign all that more effective.

7. Don’t stop promoting – even during the event

The big day is here and your job is done. Not quite. You created all the anticipation for the event and now you need to see it through. Keep posting and do one or two more reveals but only if you show up. Begin by posting photos or videos as the event gets underway. That might be just the thing to entice someone off the couch.

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