2017 eCommerce Monthly Merchant and Payment Facilitator Location Fee

June 29, 2017

Update - July 2017: Location Fee

Beginning on July 6, 2017 and monthly going forward (on the sixth of each month), eCommerce merchants and payment facilitator merchants will be assessed for 6 months for the MasterCard (MC) Location Fee.  Billing will occur on two separate billing lines as follows. This fee is based on the prior calendar month’s activity (i.e., August Billing is for July’s data).

Location Count Billing Line IQ Section
Jan thru May 2017 MC Monthly Location Fee 01/2017-05/2017 Vantiv Fees/Other Fees
June 2017 MC Monthly Location Fee Passthrough Fees/Assessments

Please contact your Vantiv eCommerce Relationship or Partner Manager if you have any questions.

Effective for 2017, the MasterCard merchant location fee rate will be $1.25 per merchant location per month.  

The MasterCard payment facilitator merchant location rate will be billed at $0.25 for January, February, and March 2017. The MasterCard payment facilitator merchant location fee will increase to $1.25 per payment facilitator merchant location effective in April 2017.  

The first billing, for January through June 2017, will occur in July 2017. Beginning with the July billing in early August 2017, the merchant and payment facilitator merchant location fee will be billed monthly.

Exclusions (Effective 4/1/2017):

  • Merchant locations properly identified with MCC 8398 (Charitable Organizations) or MCC 8661 (Religious Organizations)   
  • Merchant locations/websites processing less than $200 in MasterCard sales for a given month  


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