Vantiv Adds Amex to Global Card Acceptance Portfolio

Nov. 16, 2017

As the eCommerce world gets smaller by the day, and you expand your reach to include global markets, it’s essential that you enable your increasingly diverse customers to transact using the methods of payment with which they are most comfortable. The rates of cart abandonment can be significant – the right mix of currencies and payment methods are crucial to ensure that you realize the sales you expect from new markets. 

U.S.-based merchants tend to automatically default to Visa and MasterCard as their primary options for card payments in Europe. However, Vantiv recommends that you round out your offering and provide an additional boost to your international sales by accepting American Express.

Amex is a name familiar around the world and it offers unique opportunities that distinguish that card brand from others. Amex cardholders traditionally spend more and have a higher degree of loyalty than Visa and MasterCard cardholders. Consequently, Amex cardholders are more likely to avoid or abandon merchant websites that don’t offer that payment option.  

Vantiv now supports Amex in 10 currencies (plus USD).

Having Amex in your international toolbox can make a big difference in your ability to reach and penetrate international markets.

For more details, please contact your Vantiv Relationship Manager.  

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