Fight Cart Abandonment with Enhanced Vantiv eProtect UX Design

June 29, 2017

While protecting online payment data against data theft is essential, usability of the checkout experience is just as important to provide customers with a secure experience. If users have any doubt about the integrity of the payment page, they may abandon their cart and switch to a different retailer’s site. The fonts, messaging, iconography, and flow designed for payment capture have to be usable, streamlined, functional, influential, supportive, and look and feel like the rest of the merchant’s shopping cart.  

We are pleased to release a set of enhancements to our market-leading Vantiv eProtect data security solution designed to simplify the payments experience and ultimately increase conversions and merchant revenue. 

Specific enhancements include: 

  • In-line validity checks of data entered into payment fields, with real-time alerting – with merchant-customizable messaging -- to the consumer in the event the entry isn’t valid;
  • Automatic displaying of payment brand icons based on the method of payment customers key, eliminating the need for users to manually select the card type;
  • Additional card art and capabilities for “Tool Tips” fields, e.g. for CVC entry;
  • Auto-formatting that mimics the embossing of the payment data on the user’s card; and
  • A new Vantiv eProtect iFrame demo site and developer tool set that simplifies merchants’ integration. 

For more information on Vantiv eProtect and these enhanced UX design features, please contact your Vantiv eCommerce merchant or partner relationship manager. 

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