MasterCard Update to Interchange Programs for Qualified MasterPass Transactions in Canada

July 21, 2016

MasterCard is making an update to the consumer credit and debit domestic interchange programs for qualified MasterPass transactions in Canada.

Currently, Merchant Category Code (MCC) 8398 – Charitable and Social Service Organizations – is allowed to qualify for the MasterPass interchange programs.

Effective Oct. 14, 2016, MCC 8398 will no longer be eligible for these programs.

Transactions under MCC 8398 that currently qualify for the MasterPass interchange programs will shift to the existing Charity interchange programs as noted.

Current Interchange Fee Program Current Rate Effective Oct. 14, 2016
Consumer Base MasterPass Credit 1.61% Consumer Base Charity Credit 1.00%
Consumer High Spend MasterPass Credit 1.89% Consumer High Spend Charity Credit 1.25%
Consumer Premium High Spend MasterPass Credit 2.49% Consumer Premium High Spend Charity Credit 1.50%
Consumer MasterPass Debit 1.00% Consumer Charity Debit 0.30%


Please contact your merchant or partner relationship manager if you have any questions.

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