NEW! P2PE Monitoring & Alerting Service

April, 2017

As Vantiv continues to evolve its merchant security products, our P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) solution adds a new P2PE Monitoring and Alerting service. This service will identify if P2PE solutions are working as expected, such as P2PE failures or anomalies, and proactively alert merchants. The service will provide reporting tools which can be used for troubleshooting and ease compliance efforts for merchants’ annual PCI DSS. 

The new P2PE Monitoring & Alerting service will first be released as a pilot to select existing P2PE merchants. These merchants will assist with real-time testing and provide feedback to the product team for future product enhancements. Once the pilot is complete, the new monitoring and alerting service will become available to all existing P2PE merchants where the decryption events occurs within the Vantiv Core Data Centers (i.e. VTP, Voltage, On Guard, & 3DES DUKPT).  P2PE solutions for Integrated Payments are not currently available at this time. 

Features of the new service include the following:

  • Access to on-screen alerting via a new Security Dashboard
  • Reporting at the MID level with transaction level details. Terminal level transaction details are dependent on the POS provider. 
  • All clear-text transactions sent to Vantiv will appear in iQ reporting  
  • Currently, there is no fee for the value added service 

Please contact Brant Peterson, Senior Product Manager in the Security and Risk Product team at or 866-245-0009 with questions about this product.

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