New Vantiv Fraud Toolkit Service Tiers Help Combat Post-EMV Jump in CNP Fraud

February 2017

While Visa recently touted EMV's success in cutting counterfeit card-present fraud in half1, eCommerce fraud attacks have increased by 40 percent in the 12 months following the October 2015 EMV mandate, with significant increases in account takeover and botnet attacks.2

These trends are certainly unsettling; however, Vantiv is committed to helping you win this battle. With three newly-defined service levels – EssentialExtended, and Premium – Vantiv Fraud Toolkit makes advanced fraud detection technologies even more accessible and easier to integrate.  

The Essential tier adds Smart Device, Email, and IP address velocity filtering to your AVS and CVV checks. This tier is appropriate if you are just starting to see increases in fraud chargebacks or are spending valuable time chasing common fraudsters who succeed by manipulating address combinations or tumbling their public IP address.  

To combat more persistent schemes, the new Extended service level brings you the power of the ThreatMetrix Cybercrime dashboard. By layering industry-specific best practice fraud policies with customizable rules and definable custom fields, you get transaction-level control so you can focus fraud detection on your specific business concerns. This Extended tier includes: asynchronous review queues, white/black/watch list configurations, custom webinar training sessions, and a mobile SDK.  

Vantiv’s new Premium level combines  all the features of the Essential and Extended tiers and adds advanced advisory services. At this level, Vantiv's experienced fraud consultants can help you with rules changes, data analytics, and strategic fraud  advice.  

To learn more about Vantiv Fraud Toolkit and its new EssentialExtended, and Premium service levels, please contact your Vantiv eCommerce merchant or partner relationship manager. 

Visa Chip Card Stats, December 2016

ThreatMetrix Q3 2016 Cybercrime Report

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