Update: Financial Summary Fee Report SSR

March 18, 2016

To provide accurate data, we decided to change the way numbers are represented in the Financial Summary Fee Report SSR. For cases where Vantiv issues no fee, the related fields in the SSR will be empty, rather than showing 0. The reason for this approach is that, in some specific cases, the "Txn Amount" value may not be applicable.  

We will no longer show "Txn Amount" if Vantiv does not assess a "Txn % Fee". To help with reconcilation, if Vantiv assess a "Txn % Fee", a "Txn Amount" will be shown to help facilitate a breakdown of the calculation.  

For merchants who process the Financial Summary Fee Report SSR in an automated fashion, please take into account the potential for empty values for the following columns:

  • Fee per Txn
  • Txn Amount
  • Txn % Fee
  • Total Fees

Please contact your Vantiv eCommerce merchant or partner relationship manager if you have any questions.

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