Ecommerce Reference & Technical Documentation

Below is the reference and technical documentation library to support Vantiv Payments for eCommerce.

Accept Payments


Vantiv eCommerce Integration Guides

Vantiv cnpAPI Reference Guide API 9.X

Vantiv cnpAPI Reference Guide API 11.X

Vantiv cnpAPI Reference Guide API 12.x

Vantiv cnpAPI Differences Guide

Vantiv eProtect Integration Guide

Vantiv Account Updater Ops Guide

Vantiv PayPal Integration Guide

Vantiv Chargeback API Reference Guide

Vantiv eCommerce Physical Goods Merchant Quick Start Guide

Vantiv eCommerce SaaS Merchant Quick Start Guide

Vantiv eCommerce Solution for Apple Pay

Vantiv eCommerce Solution for Google Pay


Vantiv eCommerce Response Codes

Transaction Response and Result Codes All

AVS Response Codes

CVV CVC CID Response Codes

Advanced AVS Response Codes

Account Updater Response Codes

Token Response Codes


Vantiv eCommerce eCheck Response Codes

eCheck Transaction Response Codes

ACH NOC Change Codes

ACH Return Reason Codes


Vantiv eCommerce PayPal Response Codes

PayPal Response Codes


Vantiv eCommerce Infosheets and FAQs

eCommerce PINless Debit Adjustment Dispute Process

Visa Stored Credentials Info

Prime PINless Debit Processing

Credit Card Number Format

Level 2/Level 3 Data Requirements

Duplicate Transaction Checking

Status Query Transactions Info

eCheck FAQs

eCheck NACHA Requirements

Vantiv eCommerce Apple Pay FAQ

Mobile Point of Sale Info


Vantiv eCommerce Testing & Certification

Vantiv eCommerce On-Boarding FAQ

Vantiv eComm Certification and Testing Environments

XML Validation Error Message


Vantiv eCommerce Platform Connectivity

Requirements for Open Access

PGP Key Rotation FAQs


Vantiv Card Network Documentation

American Express Merchant Operations Guide


Improve Your Business

Vantiv iQ for eCommerce: Reference Guides & FAQs

Vantiv iQ Reporting and Analytics User Guide

iQ Guide Excerpt User Administration

iQ Reporting and Analytics Quick Reference

iQ Guide Excerpt Getting Started

iQ Guide Excerpt Virtual Terminal

iQ Guide Excerpt User Accounts, Passwords, and User Profile

iQ Guide Excerpt Transaction Search

iQ Guide Excerpt Transaction Detail

iQ Guide Excerpt – Downloading Transaction Receipts

iQ Guide Excerpt – Reversing Transactions from Transaction Detail

iQ Guide Excerpt – Account Updater Break Link

iQ Guide Excerpt BIN Lookup

iQ Guide Excerpt – Session Activity and Batch Detail Reports

iQ Guide Excerpt Session Data Export

iQ Guide Excerpt – Account Summary Report

iQ Guide Excerpt Reconciliation Dashboard

iQ Guide Excerpt Net Settled Sales Export

iQ Guide Excerpt Fee Report

iQ Guide Excerpt Approvals Reports

iQ Guide Excerpt Fraud Dashboards

iQ Guide Excerpt Insights Dashboard

iQ Guide Excerpt – Instruction Search and Instruction Detail


Vantiv eCommerce: Secure Scheduled Reports (SSR)

Vantiv Scheduled Secure Report Reference Guide

sFTP Client Installation 


Chargeback Management

Chargeback Process Guide

iQ Dispute Inbox: FAQ

iQ Dispute Inbox: Best Practices

iQ Guide Excerpt: Chargeback Search

iQ Guide Excerpt: Dispute Inbox and Chargeback Admin

Processing disputes with Visa - Visa Claims Resolution (VCR)


Grow Your Business infosheets and FAQs

Authorization Recycling Service

Recurring Engine

Prepaid Indicators FAQs


Secure Your Business infosheets and FAQs

Omnitoken Translator Transaction Information

Token Migration Requirements

Token Migration FAQs

Vantiv eComm Fraud Toolkit Info

Vantiv Advanced Fraud Tools Triggered Rules

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