Vantiv Payments for eCommerce

Vantiv delivers online payments acceptance and processing for all major card brands – plus popular alternative payment options – in card-not-present (CNP) situations. Our capabilities allow you to turn your online payments into a strategic advantage by helping you grow, improve, and secure your business.


Do you currently process online payments with us?

If so, did you know that we support international payments, alternative payments, and can help you manage your chargebacks?

Grow your business.

It’s time to identify revenue opportunities that lie within your payments stream.

Vantiv Recovery and Vantiv Recurring Engine

Improve your business.

Gain greater visibility into your payments data and convert more valuable customers.

Vantiv iQ for eCommerce and Vantiv Insights.

Secure your business.

Preventing payments fraud begins with securing cardholder data – are you protected?

Vantiv eProtect, Vantiv Fraud Toolkit, Vantiv Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service (FCPS)



Payments Acceptance

Vantiv supports credit, debit, and prepaid card acceptance for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Vantiv maintains direct connections to the card brand networks, optimizing response times while minimizing data security risks. Processing your payments through our single interface helps you simplify integration, reconciliation, and account management.

International Payments

By using Vantiv’s international payments processing capabilities, you have the flexibility to authorize in more than 150 currencies and settle in either U.S. dollars (USD) or one of nearly 20 global currencies. Vantiv helps you shoulder the burden of accepting both domestic and international payments by using a unified solution for integration, contracting, reporting, and support.

Through our global partnerships, we’re adding currencies and local payment types on an ongoing basis in order to support the broadest set of relevant payment methods.

Alternative Payments

Accepting alternative payment methods is a powerful way to help lift revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce your payment processing costs. We can help broaden your customer base with the following alternative payment options:


Chargeback Management

Our chargeback management team can assist you by examining factors and facilitating dispute management and chargeback loss recovery. Whether it is chargeback analysis, detailed chargeback reporting, or “at risk” chargeback monitoring and support, we can help you manage all your chargeback challenges.


Grow Your Business with Vantiv Xcelerator

Revenue Solutions

All businesses are concerned with the costs of processing their customers’ online payments. Efficient core processing, interchange optimization, and periodic business reviews are just some of the ways we partner with our customers to identify cost-savings opportunities.

Once the costs of payment processing are addressed, it’s time to identify revenue opportunities that lie within your payments stream. Whether you offer one-time ticket or recurring billing options, every payment transaction is an opportunity to uncover additional insight about your customer’s purchasing behavior and support positive, revenue-generating client interactions.

Our value-added Revenue Solutions are designed to help grow your business by:

You can use Recurring Engine and Recovery either as standalone solutions, or in combination to help support customer acquisition, retention, and upsell efforts.

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Improve Your Business with Vantiv Business iQ

Analytics & Reporting Solutions

Our Analytics and Reporting Solutions - including Vantiv iQ for eCommerce and Vantiv Insights - enable users to look at payments differently by identifying opportunities in their businesses to help increase revenue, mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies, and manage costs.

Vantiv iQ for eCommerce provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface providing insight-sparking detail around the health and performance of your business. Whether you are focused on reconciliation, chargeback management and operations, revenue management, or fraud detection and prevention, Vantiv iQ can turn payments data into your strategic advantage. 

Vantiv iQ for eCommerce is designed for customers of all sizes to help streamline workflows, handle large data sets, and deliver reports that you need. Vantiv iQ is your complete solution for online self-service reporting.

Vantiv Insights provides unique payments data that allows you to make better informed decisions in real-time for payments acceptance. This increases your ability to convert valuable consumers while reducing payment breakage.

Secure Your Business with Vantiv OmniShield

Protection Solutions

Fraud is a fact of life in digital commerce and the problem isn’t going away. From headline-making data compromises to everyday fraudulent payment attempts, you need solutions designed to help prevent fraud and secure your customers’ sensitive payment information.

Preventing payments fraud begins with securing cardholder data. Stolen card information often finds its way onto the black market, perpetuating the cycle of illegally obtained goods and services. However, securing your customers’ data is just the beginning. Fraud detection at the time of authorization also can help protect your reputation and minimize future losses. Finally, addressing confirmed fraudulent transactions with proactive refunding can help protect your business even further.

We offer three distinct, but complimentary, Protection Solutions to address these challenges:

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