Mobile Payments

Provide your customers with more secure, payment options. Go mobile by accepting Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and more.

More consumers are using mobile wallets as convenient, fast and secure payments. Now you can offer an improved customer check-out experience, and a faster and more personalized way for your customers to pay. Mobile payments are processed like other payment card transactions and appear on your monthly statement, simplifying back office accounting and management. Accepting mobile payments can attract new customers, improve services and deliver a secure payment option.

Mobile payments are simply credit card payments made using a mobile wallet and a smart phone at an NFC (near field communication) capable credit card terminal.  Rather than dipping a credit card into your terminal, your customer will pay by holding their smart phone near your NFC payment terminal. The credit card transaction is then processed in the same manner as a swiped or dipped card transaction. How mobile payments work at your terminal.The credit card transaction is then processed in the same manner as a swiped or dipped card transaction. 

  1. You ring up the sale.
  2. Your customer holds her phone near the contactless reader with her finger on Touch ID.
  3. Transaction is processed and merchant completes sale just like any other.

Benefits of accepting mobile payments

Improve the customer checkout experience. Provide a faster, more personalized, and secure way for your customers to pay.

Single set of services. Choose from the most popular mobile payment types in the market today, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Increase customer loyalty and repeat business. Bring back customers more frequently and improve your business image.

Reduce back office accounting and management. NFC transactions are processed the same way as other payment card transactions, and appear on your monthly statement.

Position your business to grow. Leverage millions of active NFC devices to help increase brand exposure and attract more customers.

To accept mobile payments you must be using an EMV- and NFC-enabled device, learn more about our EMV-enabled equipment or contact us today to get started 844-469-5548.

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