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OmniShield Assure

Keeping you safe, one sale at a time

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate protection to keep payments information on lock down from criminals.  OmniShield Assure helps keep you safe by combining EMV acceptance with security and encryption, so you can worry less about payments security and focus on keeping your customers happy. 

Find out how we’re using out 4 pronged security approach to fight off fraudsters and help keep you and your customers safe.

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EMV Terminals

Don’t let the chips get you down.

Chips are in. Swipes are out. Your customers are paying with EMV chip cards, and you should be accepting them in the safest way possible - by dipping or inserting the chip card, not swiping. If you still haven’t upgraded to an EMV-enabled payments device you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

Chances are if you’re still swiping chip cards at your business you are seeing an increase in chargebacks and fraud due to the liability shift.
Don’t get caught.

Learn more about the benefits of EMV acceptance and EMV-supported equipment types we offer.

Upgrade to EMV acceptance today and stop taking chances.

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We’ve helped thousands of businesses work toward smarter, faster and easier payments. You're next! Let’s work together to find ways to help you grow, improve and secure your business.

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Sales-building solutions that can help you enhance your customer experience, simplify operations, and help you grow your business

Gift Card
Promote your brand and increase loyalty

Mobile Payments Acceptance
Never miss a sale - accept payments anywhere, anytime

Check Acceptance
Simple ways to accept checks for payment

Improve Your Business

Simple and effective solutions to help you run your business better

Reporting & Analytics
Get to know your business better

Mobile Payments
Let them pay in many ways

Secure Your Business

Fighting fraud and securing your business doesn't have to be hard. Let us help to simplify the process and protect your business

EMV Terminals
Start accepting EMV chip cards today           

OmniShield Assure
Security for you and your customers

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