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There’s enough to think about when it comes to payment acceptance and processing. Most of all, the merchant services you choose become the gateway to the customer experiences you create, the payment options you offer and the growth you experience.

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Merchant services go far beyond plain payment processing. Sure, credit and debit cards are a given, but so are gift and stored value cards, and NFC-driven mobile wallet payments, too. Vantiv offers all ingredients found in the best merchant processing services, including fraud prevention and data security tools, reporting tools (especially those with advanced data analysis capability), gift-stored value-loyalty program development and support, as well as a full range of marketing programs to help you reach more customers.

Managing complexity of your business simply

Secure, streamlined payments

Vantiv delivers secure payments whether you’re selling in your shop, on the sidewalk, or on the web - safe, secure and integrated into one experience for you.

Reliable service with support

Up-time is important – so is communication when problems arise. Vantiv provides comprehensive communication support available by phone, email or the internet—24/7, even on major holidays.

Layers of value

Different businesses define value differently, but a good baseline is to make sure you’ve got comprehensive reporting and intelligence tools available to you, as well as gift card and stored value card offerings. Luckily, Vantiv has these in spades.

Where fees lurk—costs should create big benefit for you

Good merchant processing services aren’t always the cheapest. In fact, you should beware of services that offer you the lowest cost—they often have fees scattered about, like monthly minimums, obscure administrative fees and odd interchange fees, while providing no added value in the actual merchant services they offer.  Beyond hidden costs, there’s the loss of benefit to you from good merchant services.  From bringing your fraud and data security needs directly into the payment processing experience to providing you with value layers, such as gift and stored value card offerings, Vantiv helps you put the entire commerce equation together simply and affordably and with an eye on creating short- and long-term benefit for you.

Why pick Vantiv?

Because when you work with Vantiv you get a payments company designed for the digital age - combining both talent and technology. It's time to pick a processor that's hands-on to help your business have a seamless and secure payments experience.

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