Mobile Payments

Are you saying “no” to mobile payments?

Your customers are using smartphones more every day for tasks that none of us even thought possible just a few years ago—controlling home security systems, setting thermostats and, yes, making payments with a simple tap. We use them to browse, compare and shop everywhere. In many cases, we’re more loyal to our phones than just about anything else. Start saying “hello” to accepting mobile credit card payments and giving your customers more ways to pay.

Mobile credit card processing has been a hot topic for the last few years—with pundits on all sides of the equation. Yes, adoption of mobile payment tech has been slower on the uptick in the U.S. than expected. Why? Well, there’s no reason to change—the card infrastructure is strong and mature; and, people love their cards. Second, despite the swirl of commentary, there’s generally a lack of education—for consumers and businesses alike, about the function and security of mobile card payments. So what really matters? What your customers want—that’s what matters. Start with an understanding of what motivates active mobile payment users and see how Vantiv can help set you on the path to mobile payment acceptance.

Credit card payment processing for any kind of commerce

Speed and efficiency

How does “fast” factor into early adopters’ loyalty to mobile payments? Vantiv mobile payments are quick, simple and stress-free.

Convenience and ease

Don’t we all have a mobile phone with us, always? Mobile payments from Vantiv make transactions both easy and convenient.

Less hassle; more comfort

Does it get any more secure than your finger print? Give your customers some peace of mind by accepting mobile payments.

Mobile payment acceptance

Whatever your take, it’s hard to ignore facts. First, Pew Research Center estimates suggest that 68% of U.S. adults now own smartphones. That’s many adults, with millions of smartphones and lots of opportunity for mobile wallet payments. Second, led by tech giants with a decent track-record of predicting future consumer obsessions, NFC (or contactless) payment systems like Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are here. How will you go the mobile payments road?

Why pick Vantiv?

Because when you work with Vantiv you get a payments company designed for the digital age - combining both talent and technology. It's time to pick a processor that's hands-on to help your business have a seamless and secure payments experience.

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Say hello to accepting mobile credit card payments and giving your customers more ways to pay.
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