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Smartphones—they’re like members of the modern family. According to Pew Research Center estimates, more than 2/3 of American adults own a smartphone. We take them everywhere, we’re lost without them and we do more and more with them every day—from talking and texting, to browsing and shopping, turning lights on and off, and, yes, making payments.

Accepting mobile payments becomes more a need of every business, even the smallest, as customers become more comfortable with them. While the technology and devices used to enable them can seem complicated, really they’re not.

A smarter approach to accepting smartphone-driven mobile payments is faster and easier too when you work with people who understand consumers, technology, devices and mobile payments.

"Many of our locations are large-scale, technology oriented businesses serving hundreds or thousands of people.  At these locations, employees often don’t carry a wallet around their work environment, but they almost always have their phone. Mobile payments seemed like a good fit."

  • Said Moustakim, senior director information technology and services, CulinArt