Payments solutions for enterprise businesses

Customer expectations have skyrocketed just like the technology enabling them today. It’s commerce everywhere. And, the payments must follow. So how do you convert every payment in-store or online, for digital or physical goods, or for every periodic payment that occurs in today’s borderless, no boundaries world? You look for someone who can show you the way to the future, help you accelerate commerce and create value across the life of every payment.

Friction-free payments, on demand

Frictionless enterprise payments require an on-demand attitude. That means any payment— anyway. It also means anywhere—whether you’re accepting payments in-store, online, across channels or through enterprise resource planning systems for any B2B or B2C customer. They also should help you maximize acceptance and revenue, every step of the way. That includes all kinds of payments, including alternatives, across systems and borders.

  • Card processing
  • Alternative payments
  • International acceptance
  • MerchantPay ACH 
  • mPOS
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Drive revenue, the friction-free way

The best payments should not only help improve customer experiences, they should help you create more profitable ones too. That includes looking at the smartest way to route transactions or how to tie consumer payments more deeply to your own loyalty systems. And when it comes to card-on-file, card-not-present payments—every day more the rage—you need the expertise and scale required to drive more conversion across your enterprise in-store or out. It comes from the art-and-science of data, optimized.

  • Account Updater
  • AuthMax
  • Recovery (Recurring/Subscription Suite)
  • MerchantPay ACH

Customer loyalty up, card acceptance costs down—MerchantPay ACH

Tie customer checking account information to your loyalty program.  MerchantPay ACH is the great enabler of seamless customer checkout experiences. Technology and device agnostic, it’s activated by instant account verification, enrolled via kiosk, portal or web. It helps drive your most loyal customers to more spend with greater rewards for you both.

See how it works

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Vox populi. It’s what our customers say.

"Vantiv is always there when we need to talk about how to do things better."

  • Tony Porciello, Vice President, Financial Accounting, BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc.

Connect more closely with your customers, wherever they are—SwipeSimple

It’s as simple as a swipe. SwipeSimple is the mobile payment-anywhere solution which removes the barriers to commerce while your business is on-the-go. Turn any smartphone into the Mobile POS you need to drive new sales opportunities. With the ability to add multiple devices and sales people to your SwipeSimple account, connecting more closely with more customers,  merchants who use SwipeSimple  average 3x the average ticket and annual volume of Square merchants.*

*According to SwipeSimple research

Have confidence in what’s secured

Data theft and fraud—in-store, online—these are real, daily threats.  You need enterprise payments wrapped in safety and security, protecting payments in-store, online, across channels or over enterprise resource planning systems.  From EMV to tokenization, point-to-point encryption to online fraud prevention, there’s a host of solutions to surround your payments.

  • EMV
  • Incryptify™ point-to-point encryption
  • OmniToken tokenization
  • eProtect
  • Merchant Fraud Toolkit
  • Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service
  • Auto Chargeback Resolution

Open a chest of intelligence

There’s unfound treasure lying in most payments. Business iQ capabilities provide you, your payments operations and your customer relationships with the kinds of insights they deserve. A trove of intelligence is unleashed when data translation is used to add color and meaning to benchmark your daily payments operations, determine what’s getting in the way of successful authorizations, and even why certain issuers prove to be more a challenge.  Bring it together with the easy experience of iQ reporting and it becomes signals translated into actionable intelligence—that help you turn payments into strategic advantage.

  • iQ
  • Issuer Insights
  • VIVID Data Engine

Simplifying success one enterprise at a time

Total up the tenure of our relationship management organization and we’re talking a millennium. Serving for success—it’s the heart of our work with enterprise customers, online, off, across channels and systems.  It is equal parts customer-centric and proactive-advocate. It’s service that knows no boundaries or borders—it’s always OnCall.

The intelligence collection to activate your relationship, with us

Points-of-view, news-you-can-use, education and all the intelligence tools you need to work with us, your payments, and your peers.  Advantage is activating all that is yours across your enterprise and ours.

Vantage Point—Enterprise businesses

Point, game, set.  Striving not only to activate advantage for you across every point of payments, Vantage Point offers the insights we uncover, examine and analyze through primary and secondary research.  It arms you with more intelligence to win the match. 


Nordstrom & Worldpay

Bryan Penny
VP Payments & New Market

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