See all that’s known, vividly

From knowing your share of market, to customer payment preferences across channels or how your payments are performing—using payments data intelligently can help your business to great things.  Our trove of intelligence tools helps you see data with both color and clarity.  It’s delivered through the intelligent customer experience of iQ.

Peek behind the card decline curtain

Have you ever found your payments with certain issuer declining over and over again? It happens. Think it’s just you? Historically, there’s been no way to see behind an issuer’s curtain, to know if it’s just you or an issue with a financial institution—and how they authorize. Mastering what card data you submit to specific issuers can turn those declines into authorizations. That’s the view offered by Issuer Insights. See right through the patterns and processes of specific issuers to activate more sales.

Bring color and meaning to your payments data

Big data means nothing if you don’t catch buying signals that customers send. If it doesn’t go deep enough to tell you about your payment operations, you never know where to improve. Connecting customer and payment data dots across your enterprise brings depth, dimension and color to the entire collection.  It’s time to synthesize with enterprise data tools and human translators that turn dots into actions.  It’s empowering payments intelligence that pays for itself.

Robust easy to use, web based reporting

No matter what depth you need from your data, you need a great reporting experience.  That’s exactly what you get with iQ.  It’s the single touchpoint to effectively interact with and manage your payment portfolio offering efficiency at the most granular level.  Save your time for thinking, not for reporting.

Intelligence that drives results

Actionable data can drive real results. See what happens when data is activated to accelerate revenue. Xcelerator revenue solutions can give you carte blanche over cart conversion.

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