Friction-free, on demand payments

The frictionless enterprise approaches payments with an on-demand attitude. That’s supported by solutions to help you take any payment, anyway, across experiences. It’s a path that should be paved with the promise to help you maximize revenue and acceptance along the way—whether you’re accepting payments in-store, online, across channels or through enterprise resource planning systems.

Card acceptance granted – no matter the type

In-store or online, we have you covered. From the most common credit and debit cards to the newest payment technologies, our technology workbench makes payments acceptance simple and more secure, so you can go about business as usual without interruption.

  • Process online payments quickly and efficiently while letting your customers pay with the credit or debit card of their choice.
  • Accept the standards: Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®.
  • Accept ACH/eCheck and other alternatives including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Pay with Google and PayPal.
  • Accept business, corporate, and purchasing cards with ease, including Level II and Level III data.

Convert more eCommerce payments the world over—International Acceptance

Sell in more than 150 currencies. Settle in a dozen. Support alternative payments. It’s a one-stop shop for processing the world over. Rooted in data-driven intelligence, let’s identify where your customers are coming from, whether you them know or not, and then provide custom currency solutions to let you forge the path to more commerce convergence. It’s your passport to international payments acceptance.

Customer loyalty up, card acceptance costs down—MerchantPay ACH

Tie customer checking account information to your loyalty program. MerchantPay ACH is the great enabler of seamless customer checkout experiences. Technology and device agnostic, it’s activated by instant account verification, enrolled via kiosk, portal or web. It helps drive your most loyal customers to more spend with greater rewards for you both.

See how it works

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Enabling payment acceptance wherever, whenever—your way

From smart hardware to commerce-on-the-go, we provide smart and simple solutions to help you sell more effectively – whether you or your customers,  are in-store or on the go.

Connect more closely with your customers, wherever they are—SwipeSimple

It’s as simple as a swipe. SwipeSimple is the mobile payment-anywhere solution which removes the barriers to commerce while your business is on-the-go. Turn any smartphone into the Mobile POS you need to drive new sales opportunities. With the ability to add multiple devices and sales people to your SwipeSimple account, connecting more closely with more customers,  merchants who use SwipeSimple  average 3x the average ticket and annual volume of Square merchants.*

*According to SwipeSimple research

Smartly built for you—SmartPay™ Series

One-size-fits-all rarely fits anything or anyone.  You need smart terminal solutions that will help you grow your business, your sales and your customer retention.  The answer is adaptable technology and apps bundled easily –SmartPay Series. With our flexible approach, we can ensure you get the right system for your unique needs. You get the security, support and versatility to accept payments plus the right value-added solutions for your business.

Conveniently, efficiently securing enterprise payments—Fully Managed Payments

Transform your customer payment experience by providing payment options they want coupled with the confidence to seamlessly secure your enterprise platform and customers data.  Fully Managed Payments delivers the convenience of partnering with one company for all your payment processing needs –enabling complex merchants like yourself, to accept all payment types while integrating effortlessly into any enterprise applications of your choosing.

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