A military-grade attitude, your APB on crime

Nothing creates friction in your commerce experience like payments crime. Whether it’s defending the ERP systems of world-leading brands, protecting points of sale across leading retailers or building walls against data theft and fraud online, security is in our DNA. Working with us it’s in yours too, wherever you’re protecting payments, across any channel.

Safer payments, seamless experiences

You want your customers to feel safe when transacting with you – it’s a priority for you in serving them, and for us in serving you. It’s a relationship built on the peace of mind that you’re providing customers with the safest experiences possible, as seamlessly as possible too.

The new normal in payment security—EMV

The EMV liability shift has come and gone, but it’s still important to understand the risks associated if you don’t have the correct protection in place. EMV cards and payment terminals are designed to stop fraud at point-of-sale devices and terminals. The liability associated with fraudulent transactions has shifted from the issuing financial institution to the accepting merchant. If EMV acceptance isn’t already part of your checkout, it’s time to make that move.

Incryptify™ your data

At the point when your customers’ card is swiped, dipped, or tapped, our work begins. Protecting card data from system to system can be complex, but we have a simple solution that will help. It’s point-to-point encryption. Point-to-point encryption protects your customers’ card data while it travels from the swipe making it indecipherable to fraud thieves.

Your universal layer of data security—tokenization

For a business accepting payments in-store, online and on the go, you want to make sure customer data security is strong and customer privacy is protected. And, today there are so many reasons to want to “hold on to” card data—to run that recurring payment for monthly subscription goods and services, to true-up or top-up an account, or to add a tip. It’s for these uses and others, like repeat shopping, that OmniToken steps in to be your partner in secure transaction, on demand. OmniToken removes cards data from your systems and replace it with a token, making the data virtually unusable to attackers.

Preventing online fraud with a
3-pronged approach

Fraud is a fact of life in digital commerce and the problem isn’t going away. From headline-making data compromises to everyday fraudulent payment attempts, you need solutions designed to help prevent fraud and secure your customers’ sensitive payment information.


When you accept payments in digital commerce, you also accept the risks of exposing sensitive cardholder data. eProtect provides end-to-end protection by entirely removing cardholder data from checkout pages, as well as throughout systems, storage, and use – better shielding you and your most loyal customers. Review success story.

Fraud Toolkit

Detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions online may seem like a daunting task, but we have the dynamic tool set to accomplish the task. Our Fraud Toolkit offers fast, reliable, and insightful information to identify risky transactions and help minimize downstream fraud costs and losses – one transaction at a time. Now that’s dynamic, data driven defense. See how leverages Fraud Toolkit to minimize losses. See success story.

Chargeback Management

Chargebacks not only are a fact of life for most businesses, they can be a big risk management horizon too. Bring them under control with the smart integration of our back office support system (iQ), an award-winning chargeback/retrieval processing support staff and the optional Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service, which automates the process to recognize fraudulent transactions, and reverse them prior to a chargeback ever occurring.


Download the success story and learn how Evine Live uses eProtect to secure customer data and minimize PCI scope.

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