International credit card processing

You never know when your online business will become a worldwide phenomenon. So it’s nice to know you’re primed and prepared for international credit card processing with Vantiv.

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Credit card acceptance the world over.

Not all small businesses stay small. And even if you do, you could have a following in China, Spain and Madagascar at any given time. Vantiv can pave the way with set-up, supervision and consulting services and connect you directly with U.S. and international banks.

Payment processing has a passport.

Pricing changes, regulatory shifts, and compliance issues are complex enough without adding all the countries on Earth and their respective standards. Fortunately, Vantiv knows how the world works when it comes to international payments. We are the single source for all your international credit card payment processing needs both here and abroad. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

  • 150+ Currencies settling in USD
  • No additional coding
  • Uses existing Vantiv IQ reporting 

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