Selecting fraud services for your online or eCommerce business has never been easier.

Three new service levels emerge from the Vantiv eCommerce Fraud Toolkit, allowing you to select the right level of service in your fight against fraud and process secure payments online. Customers now can choose which of three distinct approaches best meets the need of their online payments business.

Fraud Service Levels

Basic configuration provides seven card-based fraud filters:
*       Address verification service
*       Card velocity check
*       International issuance
*       Prepaid
*       Prior chargeback
*       Prior fraud alert
*       Card security code

Advanced Best Practices configuration:
Adds further functionality to the Basic configuration, including:
*       Device fingerprinting
*       IP geolocation
*       Fraud scoring

Advanced Custom configuration:
The highest level of service includes Advanced Best Practice as well as the services of a dedicated Vantiv fraud consultant who monitors trends, identifies vulnerabilities and works with customers to refine their rules, minimize fraud and maximize good revenue. This level of fraud fighting service includes a rule optimization exercise coordinated by the fraud consultant in conjunction with Vantiv partner ThreatMetrix(tm), a global leader in cybercrime prevention.

"Countering the ever-changing exploits of fraudsters requires a vigilant and highly proactive approach-especially with an expectation that fraudsters will increasingly turn to online payment channels-given the anticipated adoption of chip-and-PIN," said Kasturi Mudulodu, eCommerce fraud lead at Vantiv. Start processing secure web payments with Vantiv today.