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Welcome to your News Center, the all-in-one place to access our latest newsletters, including information about card brand updates and alerts, along with various news releases of interest.  Please bookmark this page as one of your “favorites” and plan to visit often.

As a leader in navigating the rapidly-changing payments processing landscape, we stay on top of industry trends and news. We provide this information to you by email via our two monthly newsletters – Advantage Bulletin and Advantage Intel – and also post them here for easy reference.

Advantage Bulletin, published at the beginning of the month, focuses on the latest card brand updates, compliance and regulatory issues, and various alerts that may have an impact on your business.

Distributed during the second half of every month, Advantage Intel includes news about our products and services, thought leadership webinars, events, customer stories, use cases – and more – to help you grow, secure, and improve your business.

Card Brand Updates – 2016/2017

(*PLEASE NOTE: Starting in 2018, all card brand updates and alerts are now located in the Advantage Bulletin.)

Alerts – 2016/2017

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