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Vantiv OmniShield – Protection Solutions

Fraud is a fact of life in digital commerce and the problem isn’t going away. From headline-making data compromises to everyday fraudulent payment attempts, we provide the solutions needed to help prevent fraud and secure sensitive payment information. 

Preventing payments fraud begins with securing cardholder data. Stolen card information often finds its way onto the black market, perpetuating the cycle of illegally obtained goods and services. However, securing data is just the beginning.

Fraud detection at the time of authorization also can help protect a business’ reputation and minimize future losses. Finally, addressing confirmed fraudulent transactions with proactive refunding can help protect a business even further. 

We offer three distinct, but complementary, Protection Solutions to address these challenges: 

  • Vantiv eProtect is a comprehensive eCommerce data security solution that provides online merchants with end-to-end data protection by removing sensitive cardholder data from their checkout pages and throughout their systems, storage, and use.
  • Vantiv Fraud Toolkit combines a variety of tools and techniques to identify risky transactions, such as those inconsistent with typical purchasing behavior for a specific product, or those originating from buyers with suspect prior history


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