Security solutions for payment processing

Payment security is challenging and as a POS developer or reseller it can be tough to decide which approach to take. Validated, non-validated, EMV, P2PE, in-scope, out-of-scope, QIR – what should you be paying attention to?

Expert security guidance backed by the latest technologies

Our security experts can help guide you on the security requirements your POS needs. Plus, you have access to a comprehensive suite of tools designed for your small merchants.

Data Security solutions for Developers (ISVs) and Resellers (VARs)

Our PA-DSS scope reducing tools and QIR eligible solutions make it easy to develop secure applications for nearly every device and market. Choose from EMV solutions built for the cloud, mobile, PC or ECR. Plus, we offer a variety of tethered and untethered payment devices equipped with point-to-point encryption (including PCI validated P2PE) and tokenization.

Security solutions for your merchants

Ninety percent of breaches involve small merchants.* OmniShield Assure helps deliver protection against the four major threats small businesses face: card data theft, fraud, PCI non-compliance, and financial loss resulting from data breaches.

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Fight Off Security Threats With Our Comprehensive Security Suite

Boost your point of sale credit card security
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Securing your application

Challenges related to security and fraud are top of mind for many merchants
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It Takes More than EMV to be Secure

Small and mid-size merchants have some big decisions to make with EMV
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