PayFac® Advantage Program

Get resources to help guide your business and support payment facilitation.

PayFac® Advantage: focused on your success

PayFac® Advantage is designed with your success in mind. The all-in-one payment facilitator partner program features everything you need to optimize the value that payments offer your business, and grow your sub-merchant business. You get the resources and support to help guide current sub-merchants with a smarter payments strategy, and promote the value-add of payments to prospective sub-merchants. This website encourages you to differentiate yourself by communicating the value-add of payments to your current and prospective sub-merchants.

No other processor gives you more support, because no one works closer with the payment facilitator community than Vantiv.

Current PayFac® Customer?

Consider these next steps to dive into your Payment Facilitation Business

1. Schedule time with your PayFac® channel development manager. If you do not know who to contact, send your request to Take this opportunity to discuss your business goals, document your requirements, and determine a course of action. Based on your business needs, the discussion may include the following topics:

  • Value proposition and benefits to large sub-merchants for proposals
  • Additional tender types (DS/Amex)
  • GRA (advise on MasterCard risk assessment/visit)
  • Grow revenue and profitability, registration programs, convenience fees, prime routing
  • Funding sub-merchants (Dynamic or Managed Payouts)
  • Architecture-EMV, point-to-point encryption, interface/platform, card present vs card not present
  • Terminal application requirements
  • PCI compliance AOC, vulnerability scans, how to reduce scope
  • Account updating for recurring payments
  • Card network registration
  • Develop a communication plan for sub-merchant awareness of payment benefits

2. Consider a direct marketing campaign targeting new sub-merchants that demonstrates the value you offer through payments. Position yourself as offering, “More to payments than taking a card,” or “Simple ways to optimize your credit card acceptance- no sales lost.” Contact your channel manager or to request more information on the campaign support we can provide.

3. Schedule your business review with your PayFac® relationship manager. In these reviews you have an opportunity to review historical data, look for business trends and find solutions to new business and process challenges.

Build value and drive revenue

Run a Campaign

Direct marketing campaigns can target new and existing sub-merchants. Both types of campaigns can demonstrate the additional value you offer through payments.

Understanding the PayFac® Advantage Program

Resources focused around payment facilitation and designed to help build and support your sub-merchant base. Use these materials to build a communication plan about the value of payments in your communications.

Sales Tools

Knowledge is power. The road to smarter, faster, easier payments is paved with it. Enter here for information on a range of topics in payments.

Value-Added Business Drivers

Vantiv’s value-added services enable you to grow, improve and secure your business by leveraging our deep payments expertise and consultative approach.

Enhance the payment partnership.