Your trusted ecommerce payment solutions advisor.

Delivering payments intelligence through value-added capabilities built on solid core processing that help you acquire, convert, and retain profitable customer relationships in eCommerce.

The changing face of eCommerce payments.

It’s a complicated, hyper-connected world. How people live, work, and pay is evolving. Daily. Complexity is everywhere—connectivity, regulations, risk, security, and technology. It’s hard to know who’s disrupting whom. How do you innovate?  How do you connect to this complexity, and all those payment types? Who will help simplify all this for you? Vantiv will.

Leverage our payments expertise in numerous verticals.

No matter what online business you’re in, Vantiv has the payment processing solutions – and specific domain expertise – to help you win, retain, and increase business today.

  • Internet Retail
  • Multi-channel Retail
  • Online Services
  • Direct Response
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Membership Associations
  • Publishing
  • B2B
  • Digital Content

Vantiv is payments.

World-class digital and retail brands—and their partners and technology providers like you—have come to rely on Vantiv like few other payment processors.  Our industry-leading platform allows you to effectively navigate and manage the ever-evolving payments ecosystem on three fronts: cost containment, revenue generation, and risk management.

Our comprehensive capabilities include:

Vantiv Payments for eCommerce

Supports all payment methods, including traditional card processing, gift cards, international, and alternative payment options

Vantiv OmniShield – Protection Solutions:

Vantiv Fraud Toolkit, Vantiv eProtect, and Vantiv Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service (FCPS)

Vantiv Xcelerator – Revenue Solutions:

Vantiv Recovery and Vantiv Recurring Engine

Vantiv Business iQ – Analytics, Reporting, and Operations Solutions:

Vantiv Insights and Vantiv iQ for eCommerce

What's in it for you?

Our eCommerce Partner Program focuses on four core areas – economics, sales enablement, product enablement, and business support – designed to help you integrate leading payments technology, drive revenue, increase business, and deliver better customer experiences.

  • Economics: Revenue share agreements, rewards program, integration investment, and incentives
  • Sales Enablement: Partner website, co-branded brochure, ready-to-use marketing materials, online and in-person training, payments education and consulting, webinars, email campaigns, and joint strategic events
  • Product Enablement: Developer network, third-party integrations, and tools that help simplify the integration process 
  • Business Support: Dedicated eCommerce account manager, partner events and communications, residual reporting, and thought leadership content