PayFac® for payment facilitators

If you’re a business that services many merchants, it’s easy to deliver complete payment facilitator solutions in a snap.

Fast and secure payments facilitation

Your merchants want fast, reliable, and secure processing of all their payments. And you want control over how and when they get paid. With PayFac® for payment facilitators, you get the best of both worlds.

Onboarding for all sub-merchants.

Other payment processors use expensive and complex solutions normally designed for large merchants. Our PayFac® solutions for payment facilitators offer a set of tools for onboarding sub-merchants quickly with fast funding options and reporting plus value-added services that simplify reconciliation and scale risk management. All this while helping you save precious time and money.

Here’s how we facilitate payments:

Monetization & enhancement
  • We accept Credit, Debit1, Check, PIN/ PIN-less Debit2 Gift Card2, JCB and PayPal
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX
  • Authorization and Payment Settlement
Simple onboarding
  • Tools to onboard sub-merchants quickly, including portal entry and import facilities for
  • Compliance services for MATCH and OFAC requirements
  • Collection of sub-merchant fees
Sub-merchant support
  • Fast-turn funding available
  • Underwriting help
Customer service
  • Dedicated chargeback analyst1
  • Partner account management and updates
  • Technical support
Comprehensive reporting
  • Transaction reports
  • Chargeback reports
  • Sub-merchant fee reports

1 when processing on the  Vantiv eCommerce Payments
2 when using the Vantiv Payments or Vantiv Payments/NPC


Value-added services that set you apart.

PayFac® doesn’t stop at a “good enough” payment facilitator model. Especially when it comes to ways that grow and protect your business. Consider these value-added services:


Reduces risk associated with data theft by replacing PANs (primary account numbers) with unique, benign and non-reversible number sequences or “tokens.” Add-on feature, PayPage1, which extends tokenization benefits to cardholders’ browser.

Fraud Toolkit1:

An enhanced collection of configurable filters, IP geolocation, proxy piercing and other profiling technologies designed to mitigate concerns about third-party domains.

Transaction Monitoring System:

Our merchant risk analysis tool that lets you customize transaction monitoring parameters and manage your cases more efficiently.

Secure Mobile POS:

Enables merchants to create a custom mobile application using Vantiv’s value-added services like fraud detection, tokenization and recurring billing.


On-demand, web-based transactional and financial reporting and analysis that provides business insights for streamlining costs, improving operational efficiency, managing risk and enhancing revenue.

1 when processing on the  Vantiv eCommerce Payments

How PayFac® supports Payment Facilitators

You don’t have to have a merchant payment processing account to support sub-merchants—you just have to know “Vantiv” to PayFac®. We can help you accept debit and credit transactions faster and easier than ever.

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“We were looking for a partner who understood our specific needs. Vantiv has continued to demonstrate a leadership and a strength that gives me confidence.”

— Mark Famigliett, Director of Technology, Security and Compliance Patron Manager, LLC