How Worldpay Supports Payment Facilitators

You don’t have to have a merchant payment processing account to support sub-merchants—you just have to know Worldpay. We can help you accept debit and credit transactions faster and easier than ever.

Payment facilitation solutions and support.

Worldpay has extensive experience partnering both with payments facilitators and the unique businesses they support. Our model lets merchants accept payments online, in-store or through mobile credit card processing devices. But we do more than provide versatile payment solutions. We also can perform all the underwriting, handle the funding and provide insightful reporting on customer behavior.  

All your payment headaches, handled.

Onboarding, settlement, reporting, fraud. We know the challenges of being a payment facilitator, but more importantly, we know how to address them. Worldpay can streamline onboarding and offer major flexibility in settlements with funding options. We also have a host of services that outfit merchants with industry-specific reporting on transactions. And our extensive fraud protection services with payment tokenization will monitor your merchants’ transactions to keep cardholder data in the right hands.

As a Worldpay partner, you’ll enjoy:

  • Instant onboarding with real-time creation of sub-merchant ID and compliance checks
  • Dynamic payout that lets you determine payout instructions
  • Reports with settlement summaries and detailed reconciliation
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Reduced regulatory risk

Benefits of partnering with Worldpay:

Monetization & enhancement
  • We accept Credit, Debit1, Check, Pin/Pinless Debit2, Gift Card2, JCB and PayPal
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX
  • Authorization and Payment Settlement
Simple onboarding
  • Tools to onboard sub-merchants quickly, including portal entry and import facilities for
  • Compliance services for MATCH and OFAC requirements
  • Collection of sub-merchant fees
Sub-merchant support
  • Fast-turn funding available
  • Underwriting help
Customer service
  • Dedicated chargeback analyst1
  • Partner account management and updates
  • Technical support
Comprehensive reporting
  • Transaction reports
  • Chargeback reports
  • Sub-merchant fee reports

1 when processing on the Worldpay eCommerce Payments
when using the Worldpay Payments or Worldpay Payments/NPC


Payment Facilitators

Value-added services just for partners.1

When it comes to our payments facilitator partners, we go the distance to grow and protect your business with these value-added services:

Worldpay Tokenization:

Reduces risk associated with data theft by replacing PANs (primary account numbers) with unique, benign and non-reversible number sequences or “tokens”

  • Add-on feature: PayPage2: Extends tokenization benefits to cardholders’ browser
Worldpay Fraud Toolkit:

An enhanced collection of configurable filters, IP geolocation, proxy piercing and other profiling technologies designed to mitigate concerns about third-party domains.

Transaction Monitoring System:

Our merchant risk analysis tool that lets you customize transaction monitoring parameters and manage your cases more efficiently.2

Worldpay Secure Mobile POS:

Enables merchants to create a custom mobile application using Worldpay’s value-added services like fraud detection, tokenization and recurring billing.

Worldpay iQ:

On-demand, web-based transactional and financial reporting and analysis that provides business insights for streamlining costs, improving operational efficiency, managing risk and enhancing revenue.2

1 Additional cost applies.
2 when processing on the Worldpay eCommerce Payments