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Technology has a secret handshake.

Merchants, financial institutions and partners are all in excellent company thanks to Vantiv’s strong relationships with top global companies and their developer communities

Payment processing for technology partners.

We’re proud of our partnerships with Apple, Samsung, PayPal, Microsoft, Google and others because they ensure support for our broad range of payment processing solutions. From integration support for application platforms from Microsoft, Apple and Google, to consumer mobile payment types such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, our technology providers are paving the way for simple and safer transactions every time.

Others keep up. We accelerate.

The payment processing industry is always changing and fast. With EMV chip cards, mobile payments and new POS devices cropping up each year, no merchant or financial institution can keep technologies on track with consumer demand. Precisely why we have a community of technology providers that work in harmony in order to grow, improve and help secure payment processing solutions around the world.

Benefits of Vantiv’s Payment Processing Solutions for Consulting Services:

  • Accept popular payment processing options and mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay