Payment processing should be painless

Payment processing should be as painless as it is seamless. The less that is seen the better. That’s because you want to focus on running your business, not taking payments. Simpler checkouts, fewer errors—they’re the kind of things that make your business sing.

Payments should be “invisible”, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t complicated. They are.  Entry mistakes, human errors, duplicate authorizations—these happen. On top of that, you have a mountain of data security and compliance responsibilities and requirements to manage. The more these complexities are simplified by the payment processing solution and provider you choose, the better. Even further, the more integrated all of these requirements are into every point-of-sale transaction, the more pain-free every customer experience will be. Tips below will help you remain complication-free, but first let’s look at how your credit card processing should connect you to consumers and commerce.   

Credit card payment processing for any kind of commerce

Connect from anywhere

Chip cards, credit and debit cards, gift and stored value cards, plus Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and more

Connect to any payments

Chip cards, credit and debit cards, gift and stored value cards, and all of the “Pays”—Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and more

Connect through any device

Smart terminals, integrated point-of-sale (POS), tablets, smartphones and virtual terminals. All the roads to process payments. 

Why pick Vantiv?

Because when you work with Vantiv you get a payments company designed for the digital age - combining both talent and technology. It's time to pick a processor that's hands-on to help your business have a seamless and secure payments experience.

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