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The chicken or egg of consumer payment technology.

Payment technology is evolving fast. Which came first, the change in technology and payment gateways or the change in the consumer? They’re hand in glove. So too are the hardware and software configurations that affect how you accept credit cards, plan for data security and fraud protection, decide among your hardware options and even the merchant services that you choose.

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It’s a pretty big job today to keep connected to the world of consumer payments. The need to accept chip cards, online payments, and mobile wallets shows just how much what consumers use to pay is changing. Then there’s the need to keep all of these payments—card, mobile and more—safe.

Staying on track when implementing payment technology


Staying on top of consumer payments acceptance

You need to keep pace with all of the opportunities in payments acceptance.  That includes everything from EMV chip cards to smartphone-generated mobile payments.


Staying connected to technology that drives acceptance

The device hardware and software that run your payments need to cover you today and carry you in to the future, with little for you to do and without costly upgrades or overhauls down the road.


Staying on the right side of safer payments acceptance

Safeguarding your payments and processing systems becomes a business-saving job as criminals exploit technology evolution for their benefit.

When it comes to payments, the right technology partner makes all the difference

Finding the right expertise to keep you connected to the changing payment gateway landscape is important. It requires expertise that is as much software developer and security-loss prevention specialist as it is about payments expertise. It requires you to find a people stack to support your business that’s as sophisticated as the technology stack that needs to drive it. It needs to be approachable, affordable and scalable, too, helping to keep your business, your payments and the technology behind them evergreen. Finally, you’ll need to consider whether you have the resources to play all of those roles or whether to get the right solutions and service to accomplish your plan.


Shobhit Kumar and Brooke Turner

Product Marketing, POS Portal

POS Portal needed a payments partner that led the way with technology for merchants large and small. On top of a robust technology offering, Vantiv offered the value of a true partnership dedicated to POS Portal’s success. Discover how one partner defines Vantiv.

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