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Btw...we do more than payments :)

—From terminals to 1000+ software integrations

—Everything you need for safe payments

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Smarter, Faster, Easier, Payments

Payment processing can be complicated. Still, it doesn’t need to be difficult for you. And, it should never be painful. Real advice can help you integrate easier payments that fit with what your business needs and what your customers want.

Begin with the payment processing you need—in-store payments, online payments, mobile acceptance or fully-integrated POS system payments. Add the kind of payment options that your customers want—chip cards, credit and debit cards, mobile wallets too. Seal the deal with the right device—smarter terminals, integrated POS system, tablets, smartphones and virtual terminals—to make your payment processing go.

Payment processing is easy to solve for when you’ve got the right advice.

"We have been processing payments with Vantiv for about 8 years, when we first started accepting credit cards. Between the customer service, the gift card program, that’s really beneficial to us, and the great rates we’re being offered, we have no intentions of switching."

  • Michele Lawrence, owner, YogaDurango