Accept Credit Cards

Simple Ways to Optimize Your Credit Card Acceptance

Optimizing your credit card acceptance helps ensure secure payment processing and satisfied customers. Find out how to optimize payments at Vantiv.

What's at risk when you accept credit cards?

Plenty of things are at risk when your business accepts credit cards. Discover the pros and cons of accepting credit cards by visiting today!

Swipe, dip or tap. How to take credit card payments

The world wants it to be easier to pay. Learn how to take credit card payments easily and seriously. Fraud is real and it's risky, but with Vantiv it's easier.

5 things to look for in a credit card merchant services provider

A quality credit card merchant services provider will offer safe, secure and reliable business solutions. Learn how to choose one at Vantiv today!

4 easy steps to accept cards payments online

These days you can accept credit cards no matter how small your business is. Learn 4 easy steps to get your business accepting credit cards at Vantiv.

Why your merchant service provider is your partner

The merchant processing provider you choose needs to understands the importance of a partnership who helps you navigate an increasingly complex payments landscape. Learn more.

Untangling how to accept credit cards without a merchant account

Your small business has options you may not be aware of. Vantiv guides you through how to accept credit cards without a merchant account. Read details here.

How to accept credit cards for your small business

Curious on how to set up credit card processing for your small business? Read this article to get tips on point of sale, epayments, and mobile pay options.

Tips to securely accept credit cards by phone

How to take credit cards: What your business needs to know

Your business needs to take credit cards to thrive. Learn about the parties involved, credit card processing terms, and what to look for in a processor.

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