Accept Credit Cards

How to accept payments online

Take credit cards online to ensure you're providing customers with the easiest way of payment. Learn how to accept payments online at Vantiv.

Use an address verification service to safely accept payments online

One important tool to minimize fraudulent transactions online is an Address Verification Service. AVS verifies the cardholder's postal billing address with card issuer.

Accept credit cards by phone safely

Accepting credit cards over the phone is an easy and convenient way for customers to pay. Stay secure and learn the basics of taking payments by phone.

Find out how to take credit card payments

Setting up a merchant account is key for the success of your business. Learn how to start taking credit card payments with the help of Vantiv today!

How to prepare your business to receive payments online

Receiving payments online can open your business to risk, including fraud and security issues. Follow these four best practices to keep your business safe.

Would you rather learn payment acceptance methods or…. Let’s play!

Payment acceptance is the lifeline for any business, but it can often cause anxiety. Vantiv takes you down a fun road to understand what scenarios are worse.

Payments Basics: Card Acceptance Terms

Credit card acceptance is essential in the modern age of business. Get a basic understanding of credit card terminology at Vantage Point by Vantiv.

6 reasons why your business should accept gift cards

Gift cards are a huge way to give customers incentive to shop at your business. Find 6 reasons why accepting gift cards is smart business practice at Vantiv.

Accepting credit cards is a competitive necessity for today's small business

If your business isn't accepting credit card payments, you're likely losing revenue. Discover why and how you should accept credit cards to grow your business.

How to accept credit cards online in 3 steps

Having a web presence is a great way to attract business. Find out how to accept credit cards online and get your eCommerce payments flowing in today.

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