Credit Card Reader

Time to upgrade to an EMV credit card reader

Upgrading to an EMV credit card reader can save your business time, money and headaches. Learn why you need to start accepting EMV chip cards at Vantiv.

5 ways to win more new customers with credit card readers

Credit card readers can do much more than you may think to grow your business. Discover 5 ways you can win customers with the right card reader at Vantiv.

5 trends shaping how you use credit card processing machines

The explosion of the mobile phone changed the consumer behaviors, and so did the credit card processing. Here is how mobile technology affected the payment industry.

5 misconceptions about your credit card machine

Credit card machines for small businesses can be vital to success. Learn the facts and five misconceptions about them at

How to buy credit card machines for small business

Even if you're a small business, you shouldn’t limit your customer base. Learn how to buy credit card machines and grow your business at Vantiv today!

A simple guide on how to receive credit card payments

Accepting credit card payments is expected at almost all businesses these days. Learn the basics of comparing credit card terminals and readers.

Payment terminals aplenty: what's available to power your business

Confused on which credit card reader to select for your company? Read here for guidance on how to select the best payment terminal for your business.

Swipe right, swipe left, which credit card swiper is right for me?

The world of business payment technology can be complex. If you're looking for a new credit card swiper and payment system, start here for guidance from Vantiv.

How to select a credit card machine for your business: From confusion to clarity

There are a number of equipment options you can use to accept payments from customers. Vantiv makes choosing a credit card machine easy. Get help here.

EMV credit card readers explained

EMV have you confused? We explain EMV credit card readers and they're not as complex as you may think. Understand the facts and secure your payments.

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