Credit Card Reader

What is a POS?

While you may have your products and services perfected, a business is only as good as its point of sale system. Learn what a POS is at now!

Is an EMV POS terminal the saving grace against a data breach?

Even if you have employed an EMV POS terminal, your systems are still susceptible to attack. Learn what factors may put your business at risk of a data breach.

How secure are NFC terminals?

Credit card readers that accept EMV chip cards as well as digital wallet payments are a type of NFC terminals. Learn just how secure this equipment is.

Leverage an expert to help you choose and buy a point of sale

When buying a point of sale solution for your business, it's critical that you speak with a trusted reseller or partner for solutions that meet your needs.

It’s good to be accepted. Get a virtual terminal and accept any payment, anywhere

In business, we all need to get paid. Virtual terminals make getting paid easy. With a virtual terminal, accepting credit cards is as easy as opening a web browser.

Restaurant POS, made to order.

Get restaurant POS solutions and add convenience to server stations, eliminate payment reconciliation, speed up table service & increase customer loyalty.

Mobile credit card reader for your smartphone or tablet

Vantiv Mobile Accept is the mobile credit card reader app that allows your business to quickly swipe any credit card on a smartphone or tablet.

Your one stop for retail POS payment processing

Streamline back-of-house operations, increase customer loyalty, conduct business on the go, and more, with a retail POS system from Vantiv. Get info today.

3 Considerations When Choosing the Right Point of Sale Hardware

The point of sale hardware you choose can have a major impact on your business. Discover 3 things to consider when choosing your POS system at Vantiv.

What You Need to Know About POS Credit Card Processing

An updated POS credit card processing system can help your business reduce fraud, while understanding more about your customers. Learn more at Vantiv.

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