Merchant Services

How to find the best merchant account

Businesses must accept credit card payments such as Mastercard and Visa to succeed and grow. Learn how to find the best merchant account for your needs.

What you need to know to open a merchant account

Are you considering opening a merchant account? Vantiv guides you with information you need on gateways, integrations, fees, and the application process.

The experience of omnichannel explained

Omnichannel is a hot buzzword for retailers. Read this piece for a thorough understanding of what omnichannel means and how it can be used by businesses.

Narrowing your search for internet merchant account providers

Looking to process credit cards for online transactions? Vantiv has tips for choosing the right internet merchant account provider for your business.

Strong Security On A Budget For Merchant Card Services

Get the fundamentals on how to obtain merchant card services security when you're on a budget. Make your payments more secure without breaking the bank.

Protect your business with merchant account services that provide secure payments

Did you know merchant account services can help secure your payment data? Get the facts on EMV, tokenization and encryption here and protect your data today.

Who's cashing in on rewards programs?

This video covers the findings of 500 consumers' survey responses to the when, where & how of card rewards programs. What's on their minds? Watch and learn.

Secure reliable ecommerce merchant account

Get an ecommerce merchant account to supercharge your online sales. Vantiv offers online payments processing that’s fast, easy, and secure.

Compare merchant services: 4 considerations

Evaluating a merchant service provider can be tricky. Before transitioning to a new credit card processor, get informed here with these 4 considerations.

Use preloaded credit cards to reward your staff

Rewarding your staff with preloaded credit cards is an excellent way to get extra productivity. Learn how prepaid cards may be right for you at Vantiv.

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