Mobile Payments

The benefits of adding mobile payment solutions to your business

Your business can benefit from mobile payment solutions. Learn how mobile pay impacts queue time, customer loyalty and top line revenue at!

5 mobile merchant services to help your business grow

The adoption of mobile payments is increasing. Prepare your business with these steps for mobile merchant services and watch your business thrive.

Making iPhone credit card processing easy

Do you want to accept mobile payments? Discover the top considerations, fees, and benefits of iPhone credit card processing at today!

Mobile wallets on the move. Today’s race: Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Android Pay™

As competition in the mobile wallet race heats up, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay are all vying to win. Vantiv gives you the play by play calls.

Payments Basics: Mobile

Start building your expertise in mobile payments. Learn key terms for a basic understanding of credit card processing and payment with mobile technology.

What is near field communication?

Curious about near field communication? Get the scoop on why mobile payments and NFC go hand in hand and how your business can use NFC to boost ROI!

What's the difference between mobile payments and mobile acceptance

Integrating mobile payments and mobile acceptance in your business can help facilitate growth. Learn the difference between these payment forms at Vantiv.

Moving money: Consumers & mobile payment processors

Many consumers use mobile payment processors to pay for their purchases. Learn more about the types of people using mobile payments at!

Ring, ring: cell phone credit card processing; the ins and outs

Accepting payments on mobile devices is convenient and potentially lucrative. Find out if cell phone credit card processing is right for your business.

Ready to accept Apple Pay? Questions to ask before taking the big bite.

Curious about how to accept Apple Pay at your business? Get information on what you need to know before you take the big bite into accepting mobile payments.

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