Mobile Payments

7 Steps in 7 Days to Setting up a Mobile Merchant Account

Take a look at this step-by-step guide to get your mobile merchant account up and running in just one week’s time. Connect with mobile payments at Vantiv!

5 ways mobile credit card processing is impacting small business

You may not realize it but mobile credit card processing is affecting your business. Learn the impacts and how to exploit the opportunities here.

Grow your business by receiving mobile payments and adding a loyalty program

Business owners need to consider various factors to help fuel growth. Read here to understand how receiving mobile payments and loyalty programs can help.

Goldilocks and the three smartphone payments: a modern shopping fairytale

Join Goldilocks in this modern day fairy tale. See the challenges and friction she encounters when attempting to make a smartphone payment to a business.

Wearable Technology and Today’s Consumer

To get a sense of how and why people are using wearable technology, Vantiv and Socratic Technologies conducted a survey to learn more. Read the results!

Can Android Pay change your business?

One of the leading digital wallets is Android Pay. Businesses need to pay attention as consumers are using it. Learn how it can improve your business today.

Two ways mobile payment systems can help small businesses grow

Allowing customers to pay using a mobile payment system ensures you're not losing any potential revenue. Learn how mobile payments help business at Vantiv.

Small business guide to mobile wallets

By 2017, the mobile payment market will have more than 450M users. Learn how small businesses can facilitate customer loyalty with mobile wallets.

The Secrets of Samsung Pay Revealed

Mobile wallet adoption rates are increasing. Is your business prepared? Learn what sets Samsung Pay apart and how to accept payments with this digital wallet.

Digital vs Traditional Wallet

Traditional wallet versus a digital wallet. What do consumers prefer and what factors compel shoppers to make the transition to digital? Get the scoop here.

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