Mobile Payments

Is it the right time to invest in mobile payment technology

Mobile payment technology is an inexpensive, easy-to-implement payments alternative. Learn how mobile payment acceptance can ultimately benefit your business.

What is Apple Pay? Fad or future?

Many consumers see the app in their iPhones, and have questions on the digital wallet technology. Learn what Apple Pay is, and how easily it can be set up.

Take mobile payments, and take your business to greater heights

More consumers are using their digital wallets and smartphones to make payments. Vantiv offers details on what your business needs to take mobile payments.

What mobile payment technology trends are on the horizon?

Mobile payment technology trends include growth in peer to peer payments and security features. Learn how mobile payments can ultimately benefit your business.

The future of mobile payments is bright

The future of mobile payments looks bright. Read how mobile and NFC payments are thriving and keep your business and customer data secure with mobile pay.

Moving Money: Consumers & Mobile Payments

Vantiv and Socratic Technologies conducted an online survey with 500 consumers to learn more about their mobile payment experiences. See the data here.

The benefits of Apple Pay

What are the benefits of Apple Pay and how important is it for your business to accept it? Learn how it works for merchants and customers and determine if it's right for your business.

Apple Pay adoption rates climb

Is Apple Pay just a passing fad or here to stay? What does it mean for your business? Read to learn more about the rate of Apple Pay adoption.

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