Payment Gateways Technology

What's next in credit card payments technology?

Keep up with the changes in credit card payments technology. Learn the basics and how to stay current now and in the future at today!

Small businesses drive innovation. What’s the next big payments innovation?

Payment acceptance is a top priority for small businesses. Read the forward-looking technology small businesses should be thinking about in this Vantiv Q&A.

A virtual payment terminal lets you sell your products/services 24/7/365.

A virtual payment terminal allows your business to sell products all day, every day. Learn more about the benefits of using a virtual terminal at Vantiv.

Avoid paying credit card payment gateway fees with an integrated solution

Did you know that a credit card payment gateway adds cost, worsens customer support, and can limit your POS? Find out how an integrated system can help you!

Here's the Scoop on Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing

Virtual terminals can help your business grow by filling gaps left by more common methods of payment acceptance. Let’s take a closer look.

Top payment technologies SMB owners should not ignore

As technology advances and becomes less pricey, small businesses have more opportunities. Read about the top payment technologies you should never ignore.

Plug-in-and-pay, the triPOS way

The triPOS family from Vantiv, offers you a payment processing application with P2PE that’s PCI certified and validated. Learn how it can help your business.

3 credit card gateway myths busted

Confused on what is fact and fiction in regard to credit card gateways? We'll guide you to the truth on prices, security and gateway options here.

Keep your business humming with payment processing technology

Boost your operational efficiencies with payment processing technology that integrates into your accounting, payroll, and reporting. Vantiv can help!

Why in the world should you consider integrated payments?

If you're not incorporating integrated payments into your business operations, you may be missing out on a much bigger picture. Vantiv can help you today!

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