Payment Gateways Technology

4 types of online payment solutions to consider for your small business

Let’s sort out the online payment solutions that make sense for the unique needs of your company. Here are four common online payment options available for small businesses today.

Get safer card payments with a secure payment gateway

Can your business accept credit card payments online? Read how a secure payment gateway can help facilitate transactions using an online application.

Internet payments systems: 9 tips for selecting the best for your business

Options involved in accepting web payments can be overwhelming. Vantiv has what you need to know when choosing an internet payment system for your business.

The ABC of NFC Payment

To accept an NFC payment means you can take an electronic payment from a digital wallet, like Apple Pay. Read what your business needs to get started.

Open the door to understanding payment gateway services

Payment gateways are a vital part of the payments ecosystem. This guide will explain payment getaways in plain language, answering questions posed by business owners like you.

Open and shut, defining a credit card processing gateway

Questions on credit card processing gateways? Vantiv walks you through the equipment needs, pros, cons, and security of taking payments via a gateway.

Get online credit card payments set up. Challenge accepted.

Setting up your business to take online credit card payments may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Read what you need to know, here.

Much about merchant gateway providers

If your business is engaged in online. remote and/or in-store sales, merchant gateway providers can help. Read how a gateway can work for your business.

Blast off! Launch your business with the right payment platform

Entrepreneurs have many decisions to make when starting a business. Vantiv explains why selecting the right payment platform can help the business succeed.

How electronic payment processing changed one entrepreneur’s business

See how one business owner leveraged electronic payment processing to improve payment security, create seamless shopping, and drive brand engagement.

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