Payment Processing

Don't Be Fooled - Why Not All Credit Card Services Are Equal

Different payment processors offer different credit card services. Learn what services you should have included when choosing a payment processor at Vantiv.

Why the cheapest credit card processing may cost you more

Evaluating credit card fees is a complex conversation. Learn how the cheapest credit card processor could end up costing your business!

Get expert advice on how credit card processing works

Selecting a payments partner is a critical business decision. To understand how the credit card payment process works, let’s “follow the dollar” of a payment transaction.

10 approaches to consider in card not present commerce

Is your business accepting card not present payments? If so, this is must read guide on chargebacks, fee structures, address verification, PCI and more.

Keeping in the loop of recurring credit card processing

Recurring credit card payments allow your customers to automatically make payments.

Payment solutions for every business

Enjoy the benefits of Vantiv's award-winning payment processing solutions for the payment device you choose. Take credit card payments today!

Choose the right credit card processing company

The right credit card processing company can give you the help and support you need to grow. Learn the biggest factors when choosing a processor at Vantiv.

Check processing: take checks without taking chances

Though fading in popularity, checks are still a preferred method of payment by some. Learn why your business should still be processing checks at Vantiv.

Top 10 most frequently asked questions about merchant processing services

Starting to accept credit card payments can be confusing to some. Read 10 of the most asked questions merchant processing services.

Finding value in merchant processing companies

Are you getting the most out of your merchant services credit card processing company? Read the top five features your payment processor should be offering.

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