Payment Processing

How a payment processing system can make you money

When thinking about a payment processing system, you're probably only thinking about costs -- not how they can make you money. Learn more at Vantiv!

Electronic payment options to help your business thrive

Business can't get by with a “Cash Only” operation. Instead, today’s consumers expect a variety of electronic payment options. Learn how to meet their needs.

5 ways to leverage a reloadable gift card program

Curious about how to get repeat business? Utilizing a reloadable gift card program can help keep customers coming back in for more visits. Learn more here.

Automated recurring billing solutions to help prevent breakage

Business that have automated recurring billing in place need to be aware of how the payments can break and how to avoid breakage. Get the answers here.

A payment service provider explained and the players involved

Payment service providers bring financial parties together for a seamless experience for merchants and customers by processing payments efficiently. Let’s take a closer look.

5 considerations to get the best credit card processing company

Vantiv will show you who the top 5 payment processors are and how to choose the best credit card processing company for your business. Don't wait, start now.

Understanding electronic payment systems and choosing the right one

With an array of electronic payment systems to choose from, you need info to make the right choice. Get guidance on integrated, mobile payments and more here.

Payment Solutions: Components that can solve problems for merchants

Confused about payment solutions and what you need? Vantiv helps walk you through the options for online, instore and integrated credit card processing.

What's the point of a payment system?

From the early days of bartering to modern day point of sale solutions, payment systems help merchants accept money. Read what businesses need to know, here.

Payment industry trends infographic

Technology is fueling changes in the payment industry. Check out this infographic to see how mobile payments, EMV and data security are being affected.

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