Payment Processing

All about online payment services

More consumers than ever are shopping online. Read everything your business needs to know about online payment services and making transactions on the web.

Checklist for credit card processing services

Looking to accept credit cards at your business and confused on where to begin? Start here with our handy credit card processing services checklist!

What happens during a credit card transaction

The credit card transaction process is complex and many parties are involved, yet it all happens so quickly. Learn who is involved and what occurs.

Get smart about small business credit card processing

Finding the right credit card processor for your small business is crucial. No need become an expert but you need to become an educated consumer. This five-minute read will help you.

Cut to the chase on card payment solutions

Selecting the right credit card payment solution can increase the odds of your business' success. Get details on what to consider for this important decision.

The mystery of business payment solutions solved

You may think a business payment solution is simply a credit card reader and a cash register. But there's much more involved than meets the eye. Read details.

Insightful facts of electronic check payments

How do electronic checks differ from paper checks? What are the differences of echecks and credit card payments? Read all the facts here at Vantiv!

Business credit card processing? Definitely not my thing.

Business owners know their products inside and out. But when it comes to credit card processing it's a different story. Vantiv has what you need to know.

Don’t make these 3 common recurring credit card processing mistakes

Does your business engage in recurring credit card processing when collecting payments from customers? Vantiv shows you 3 common mistakes you must avoid!

How to process credit cards online

Welcome to Online Payments Processing 101. Here is how you create a plan to accept and process credit cards online for your business.

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