Secure Payments

Understand PCI compliance levels

Deciphering PCI compliance levels can be tricky. Get the explanations you need on merchants that fit into each Payment Card Industry classification.

Secure payment transactions: best practices for small business

Cyber attacks represent a threat to small businesses. Securing payment transactions can help protect data for both you and your customers. Read details here..

EMV & Chip Card Technology: FAQ for Merchants

Are you a merchant with questions about EMV technology or chip cards? We have answers. Take a look at our comprehensive FAQ at!

Add greater payment security and mobility to your business

Attract customers and keep your business' integrity intact with new payment security and mobile payments technologies. Find out more from Vantiv.

How to prevent chargebacks on a credit card transaction

Chargebacks are an inherent risk for any business accepting credit card payments. Learn how to reduce the risk at your business and prevent chargebacks.

EMV transactions: Is it time for you to upgrade?

Has your business upgraded credit card readers to accept EMV transactions? Learn what EMV entails, and how these payments can positively affect your business.

Make sure you're prepared to meet PCI DSS compliance mandates

Is your business security up to snuff? Make sure you're prepared to meet PCI DSS compliance mandates from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Council.

5 ways chip embedded credit cards are transforming your business

EMV cards do more than protect against fraud. Learn how accepting the chip embedded credit cards can attract new customers, improve efficiencies, and more.

Accept your mission: Credit card fraud protection

Your mission is to provide credit card fraud protection to your customers. If you accept it, you'll protect them and your business from theft. Read how here.

PCI P2PE unencrypted: what you need to know about encryption

Protecting your customers credit card payment data is a must to reduce business risk. Vantiv has the details on how P2PE offers protection from fraud.

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