Secure Payments

Can you spot the payment security threats to your business?

Do you know the payment security risks your business faces every day? Take the challenge with this interactive piece and see if you spot the risks of fraud.

All you need to know about chip and PIN credit cards

Get facts on what you need to know on chip and PIN credit cards and how accepting this payment type can help your business process transactions securely.

Three things to know about the new EMV chip cards

EMV chip cards are used to more safely process transactions. Learn the facts about EMV and if your business should implement EMV payment at Vantiv.

4 Reasons to Use Credit Card Tokenization

Don't let a data breach compromise your business. Learn important reasons why you need credit card tokenization to protect you and your customers' data.

What does it take to become PCI compliant?

Discover what it takes to become PCI compliant and prevent your business from the damaging financial and reputational effects of experiencing a data breach.

Avoid chargebacks by using EMV chip card technology

With payment fraud on the rise, EMV chip card technology can help decrease stolen data. Learn how your business avoid chargebacks and data theft.

Secure your data with encryption and tokenization

Ensure your customers' credit card data is safe. Learn how encryption and tokenization can help prevent a data breach and minimize risks for your business.

Choose the right provider for secure payment processing

Learn how to choose the right provider for secure payment processing and help protect your business from fraudulent charges and data breaches.

Avoid 3 common types of online payment fraud

Discover the ways that online payment fraud can happen, and learn how Vantiv can help you with solutions to minimize the risks of theft and chargebacks.

Deciphering payment security lingo: What is P2PE?

With payment processing security, merchants should be familiar with a few key terms. One of these is P2PE, or point-to-point encryption. Get info here.

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